Tackle Prostate Cancer


Now in its second year, the Tackle Prostate Cancer program engages high school football players, families and fans in the fight against prostate cancer.

GetCheckedPromoting prostate cancer awareness, education and screening, PCEC has partnered with several high school districts around the country to “Tackle Prostate Cancer.”

This grassroots program offers fans important information on prostate cancer and screening in their local communities. 

Tackle Prostate Cancer Kits include:

  • Blue “Get Checked Ribbons” for players to wear
  • Tackle Football Posters
  • One page football themed handouts to give to fans with prostate cancer statistics
  • Blue bracelets or pins to give away
  • Assistance to coordinator with local hospitals, medical clinics, health fairs or any sort of site to provide free prostate cancer and men’s health screenings in your local community.

“The new Tackle Prostate Cancer Program has taken a step back from the previous program which worked with the NFL.  The PCEC realized that although it is important to raise awareness of the disease through national media, there was no call to action.  NFL fans would hear the statistics but wouldn’t follow through with their doctor or find a screening site.  This new program is less intimidating.  Coordinators can approach men, woman and families in their home stadiums, raise awareness, educate and direct them to local screening sites they are familiar with.    We see a much higher rate of follow up in health fairs and screening sites.”  -Wendy Poage, President of PCEC