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Providing Free Education to Nurses, Advocates and Patients!

The free Prostate Cancer Nursing Program, discusses the Multidisciplinary Care of Prostate Cancer and provides an overview of the new treatment options for the disease.

Philadephia Nursing Program:

Held at the Jefferson Medical Campus and hosted by the Department of Urology, the Jefferson Kimmel Cancer Center Network and the Prostate Conditions Education Council, this event features speakers from University of Pennsulania Abramson Cancer Center and the Fox Chase Cancer Center.   We would like to thank Dr. Leonard Gomella and Dr. Tricia Gomella for the countless hours they volunteered to make this program a success.

               Meeting Agenda


                Program Flyer


                Speaker Slide Decks:

                *please note that several of the slide decks are large files and take several minutes to download*

                                  pdfProstate Cancer Overview   -  Anne Calvaresi, CRNP

                                  pdfMultidisciplinary Care  -  Leonard Gomella, MD

                                  pdfPSA Screening  -  Bruce Malkowicz, MD

                                  pdfLocalized Prostate Cancer  -  Marc Smaldone, MD

                                  pdfAdvanced Prostate Cancer  -  Kevin Kelly, DO

                                  pdfNutritional Support   - Monica Crawford RN, LDN

                                  pdf Pain Management    -  Jean Hoffman-Censits, MD

                                  pdf Case Presentation   -  Mark Hurwitz, MD

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